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Banana Leaves

Group Classes

cultivating mindfulness through body movements

The group classes we offer are theme-based, with a different theme each week. The asanas within that theme are specifically designed to target certain parts of the body, while maintaining overall wellbeing. Listening to your body and modifying poses as necessary is emphasized. Focusing on the breath is also key to getting the maximum benefit out of the class.

Core Strengthening

Your entire body is supported by your core and it allows you to perform almost any movement involving the whole body. Balancing poses help to engage the core and stabilize the body.


These practices stimulate the internal organs which helps the intestines to get the maximum nutrition out of your food. Common abdominal discomforts can be relieved with systematic practice.

Stress Relief

Stress is something many of us deal with and this class helps to manage it. The breath-centered practice helps to slow down the flow of thoughts, and activate your body's relaxation response, which reduces anxiety and stress.

Spine and Back

Many back problems occur because of weakness in the back muscles which can put unnecessary tension on the spine. These asanas strengthen these muscles which can reduce back pain, improve posture, and make you feel more energized.

Neck and Shoulders

After spending time over a laptop or computer screen, it is very common to feel discomfort in your neck and shoulders. Asanas in this theme aid in relaxing the neck and strengthening the shoulders.

and many, many more themes that target specific areas and improve overall well-being

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